By Mary Motzko | September 21st, 2020 | | 0 Comments

So, you’ve purchased a new Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (eDVIR) application for your fleet operation. Great! But while you might be excited about the capabilities the app offers and the efficiencies it will provide to your staff, your team might not be as excited. Yet.

Use these tips to help get your fleet staff onboard with a new eDVIR app.

Tell Them Why You’re Implementing a New eDVIR App

It’s important to be transparent with your team. Explain why you decided to implement an eDVIR application and share the benefits of the solution with them. Showing them how the application will make vehicle inspections easier and more efficient – and ultimately save them time – will help get them excited about the new software.

Let Employees Give Feedback

To get employees to embrace the new app, create open lines of communication and encourage them to provide feedback on how they like it, how it is impacting their daily work, and any issues they’ve encountered. Ask the drivers if they can efficiently complete inspections with the app and check in with your technicians to see how the repair process is going. This will help get your staff members more involved with the process and will ensure them that their opinions matter.


When asking your team for feedback, make sure you listen to the information they are providing. This is especially important if they are having issues using the app. Listening to their feedback and trying to correct the problems will help make them more interested in using the app, and also help them perform their daily jobs better.

Provide Training

To help your staff succeed with the eDVIR app it is crucial to provide training. This will set your drivers and technicians up for success -- instead of having them get frustrated trying to use an application they are unfamiliar with. Ask the software provider if they have training documentation you can distribute to your staff. Also, consider having a few staff members become experts on the app so they can be go-to resources for other staff members when they have a question.

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