By Mary Motzko | September 8th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

When you’re looking for an electronic driver vehicle inspection report (eDVIR) tool, it can be hard to select the right solution. Fortunately, a lot of companies – including  RTA – offer a free trial so you can try the application before committing to it.

While getting a free trial is great, it’s only useful if you find the time to actually try out the app. Often times, you might have every intention of testing out an application, and then daily tasks take over and before you know it, your free trial ends before you try it.

To avoid this, use these tips for how to take full advantage of your free trial period on an eDVIR app.

Have a Plan for What to Test

Saying that you are going to try an eDVIR app can be a vague and overwhelming goal. Instead, set attainable objectives that you want to achieve during the trial period. First, identify what needs your operation must solve and determine if this app can adequately perform those. Then, identify what capabilities attracted you to this solution, and test those features. Having a plan going into a trial can ensure you test the important features that are critical to deciding if you want to continue using the solution after the trial period ends.

Find Time to Test the Solution

Perhaps the biggest obstacle getting in the way of utilizing a free trial is time. Dealing with your daily work and everyday tasks can take up your entire day - and more – leaving little time to try the app. Before you know it, your trial period is over. To ensure you have time to properly try the eDVIR app, set aside dedicated time to test it – even if it means scheduling time on your calendar to make sure you account for it in your day.

Have Your Team Test the App

Another way to ensure you are putting time into testing the eDVIR application is to involve members of your fleet staff in the trial period. Having drivers and technicians use it will give you their perspective in determining if the app is the right solution for your operation. This will also help you divide and conquer certain features of the app to ensure you have time to test all of the tools.

Ask the Software Provider for Help

When starting a free trial, don’t hesitate to reach out to the software company to ask them for help. Before spending time trying to troubleshoot implementing the app and getting started, ask the company for guides in how to get up and running. You can also ask them for their recommendations on how to best test the app during the trial period. They will know what to focus on that will best showcase their product to help you make a decision. They can also make sure you utilize key tools that you might have otherwise overlooked.

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