By Mary Motzko | January 5th, 2021 | | 0 Comments

While purchasing an electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (eDVIR) application might be exciting to you and your shop staff, it might not be as widely accepted by your fleet drivers.

For veteran drivers, the idea of learning a new system can seem like a burden – and it can be overwhelming.

They might not understand the advantages of using an eDVIR over paper.

It might seem like it takes them longer to complete an inspection with the app than with paper, which can be frustrating.

They might also think you do not trust them to complete the inspections on paper forms, and now need to use an app to check up on them.

Whatever the reason for any hesitation with your drivers, here are some ways that can help you get them more comfortable with the application:

  • Explain why you are using an eDVIR: Instead of just instructing the drivers to download the eDVIR app and tell them to start using it, make it clear to them why you are making the change to the application. Explain how the eDVIR provides useful information for the entire operation, how it can make the vehicle maintenance process easier, and how it can improve vehicle inspections.
  • Show the drivers how an eDVIR can benefit them: It’s crucial to show your fleet drivers that the eDVIR can be an asset to them by demonstrating the benefits it can provide. Show the drivers how the application can help save them time over paper forms, can make their reports more accurate with the ability to add images and voice recordings, and how they can quickly communicate with technicians through the application.
  • Teach them how to use the app: Before just telling your drivers to download the app and start using it, provide training on the eDVIR. This will help make them more comfortable with the app and can get them up and running faster.


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