By Mary Motzko | November 21st, 2019 | | 0 Comments

When it comes to training your fleet staff on fleet management software, new equipment and other areas around the shop, there are many methods to choose from.

While some traditional methods like in-person training and learning from manuals have benefits, video training can offer the flexibility and convenience that your fleet operation needs.

Learn how video training can enhance your fleet operation’s training methods.

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Trainees Retain More Information Through Video

According to, experiments throughout history have shown that according to “picture superiority effect,” people retain visual presentations more than they do words. This, according to the website, means that video training methods where visuals are combined with verbal instructions will be more understood and remembered than other traditional methods.

Video is More Accessible

Trying to get your entire fleet staff together for a training session can be difficult. Between day-to-day work that has to get done and varying schedules, finding a time that’s convenient for in-person training can require scheduling multiple training sessions or sacrificing work to complete it.

In contrast, video training provides more flexibility. Employees can watch the training modules from their desk, a conference room at their convenience, or even from home or on a mobile device. This allows staff members to watch the video training sessions when it works with their schedules, and it doesn’t impact the day-to-day workload at the shop.

Video Training Sessions Can Be Re-Watched

Unlike an in-person training session where attendees can’t review it unless the session was recorded, video training sessions can be re-watched. According to, this is helpful if an employee needs re-training on a subject. He or she can pull up a video to repeat the lesson. Video training is also convenient when new employees are hired. They can watch the training sessions to get the needed information.

Videos Provide Objective Information

When training employees through a manual, there is a risk that they will misinterpret the information. According to, trainees can fill in the blanks on their own and might not fully understand what they’re being taught. With video, according to the website, the information can be presented factually and leave little room for staff members to misinterpret the information.

RTA Fleet Management Software offers video training modules. These are available to RTA SaaS subscribers. If you’re not using RTA SaaS, contact our Sales team to learn how to get access to these training sessions for your fleet operation.