By Mary Motzko | September 3rd, 2019 | | 0 Comments

Mobile technology can have many advantages for your fleet operation. However, when using mobile devices to replace existing processes, your fleet staff might need additional training and ramp-up time to learn the new technology.

To ensure a smooth transition to mobile technology, consider using these tips to introduce your fleet staff to new devices.

Explain the Purpose and Advantages

It’s important to make sure your staff knows why you are changing your existing processes to instead opt for new mobile technology. Convey the reasoning behind the change to your staff and be sure to explain the advantages of the new technology, including how it will benefit each of them. This can help employees understand the reason for the change and can make them more eager to learn the new processes if they know the benefits.

Roll it out Slowly

When introducing new mobile technology, it’s important to roll it out slowly to your fleet staff to give them ample time to learn the new process and equipment. This can help staff members feel more comfortable with the new devices and technology before making the official switch. It also gives employees time to ask questions and request additional training.

Focus on Flexibility

When discussing the advantages of mobile technology, it’s important to explain the flexibility it can offer the staff. This can include performing work and updating information on road calls, using mobile devices throughout the shop to enter data instead of having to find a computer, or even performing work when away from the shop.

Offer Training

Fleet operations should offer full training to all staff members on the new mobile technology to ensure everyone is utilizing the devices correctly. This will both help the staff members feel more comfortable with the technology, as well as ensure all employees are following the same process when using the devices.

Provide On-going Assistance

Even after the initial training session, it’s important for fleet operations to provide ongoing assistance to staff members as they learn the new technology. Operations can also designate a few individuals as trainers when other staff members need help.


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