By Mary Motzko | October 17th, 2019 | | 0 Comments

As we begin the year’s fourth quarter, your fleet operation might be starting its annual review process for all employees. This is a tedious task for fleet managers and supervisors, but it’s necessary to ensure staff members are performing to their full potential and are progressing towards their career goals.

As you start the process of evaluating your staff, use these tips to ensure you are prepared.

Collect Key Information on Each Employee

Before you begin evaluating employees, make sure you gather all the necessary information on each individual and their position. This can include a copy of the individual’s job description, feedback from coworkers or customers, previous performance reviews to see what areas he or she needs to improve in, and any other notes related to his or her performance throughout the year.

Review Each Employee’s Goals

If your fleet operation had employees create goals for the year, review these before evaluating each person. These goals are typically tasks each staff member strives to complete before the end of the year, or areas he or she wants to improve in. Looking at what the fleet staff member set out to accomplish and then reviewing what he or she actually achieved can provide material to include in an evaluation.

Review Each Employee’s Self-Review

If employees complete self-assessments, it’s important to review those before writing your own evaluation. This allows you to see what each employee thought of his or her own performance and gives you something to react to while creating your evaluation. Reading his or her review first could also provide insights to other accomplishments the employee achieved throughout the year that you might have forgotten about.

Complete Review Documents

After gathering the needed information and documents, you’re ready to begin filling out the evaluation form. You should use the same form for each employee to ensure each person is being reviewed on the same criteria. These forms should be written in a formal manner, as they will remain in the employee’s profile throughout his or her tenure at the operation.

Prepare Notes, Comments

If you have formal one-on-one reviews with employees to go over the written evaluation, you should start to prepare for those well in advance of the conversation. This gives you time to gather your documents and create notes for what you want to address with the employee.

Determine Next-Steps for the Employee

During your review with the employee, recommends including the employee’s next steps in the conversation. This can include talking about what goals the individual should try to achieve next year, and what the next step is in his or her career path.  

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