By Mary Motzko | February 2nd, 2021 | | 0 Comments

When your fleet operation purchases a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, it’s important for your Information Technology (IT) team to work closely with the fleet management software provider. The company can offer many benefits to your team, from implementation, to training, and support.

Learn more about how your team can work with a SaaS company to make your operation more productive.

Get Training

SaaS providers typically have teams in place to train your fleet operation on the software. This can include providing lessons and materials on how to access the system and its basic functionality. This gives your staff the background knowledge needed to train the rest of the fleet employees on the FMIS.

Set Up Users, Vehicles

Some of the main tasks in getting your fleet management software system up-and-running is to set up the users and vehicles and get your fleet information uploaded into the system. This can take a lot of time and effort – especially when navigating a new solution. A software provider can help your IT team complete these tasks and offer best practices. This can save time during the implementation phase and can provide tips for the future.

Review Maintenance, Upgrades Schedules

When you have an on-premise FMIS, your IT staff can be responsible for performing routine maintenance on the system. This can be time-consuming and can pull your team away from other pressing tasks. In contrast, with a SaaS solution, the company will perform the work and inform your IT team when the maintenance will occur. Your staff should obtain a schedule of planned maintenance and outages so your operation can plan accordingly.

Troubleshoot Issues

Occasionally, your FMIS may encounter issues that will require fixes. When working with a SaaS company, your IT team can notify the software company of the problem and the provider will troubleshoot the issue. This gives your team peace-of-mind that bugs can get fixed and upgrades can be made – all without putting extra burden on your staff.

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