By Mary Motzko | July 28th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

Construction vehicles endure a lot of wear and tear between their regular workload and their exposure to various weather elements and conditions at the construction site. Because of this, it’s important to keep these vehicles properly maintained so they can stay on the job. Use these tips to keep your fleet of construction vehicles running.

Perform Regular Preventative Maintenance

One of the most important tasks to keep any vehicle running is to perform regular preventative maintenance. This can include performing oil changes, checking fluids, applying lubricants, examining the brakes, checking the inside and outside of the vehicle, inspecting the tires, and more. Performing these services at scheduled intervals can ensure the vehicle is inspected regularly. PM services can be scheduled in your fleet management software solution to make sure they are completed on time.

Clean Vehicles Regularly

Construction vehicles can easily become dirty from dust, dirt, mud and other elements at the work site. It’s important to clean these vehicles regularly to remove the substances from the asset before it causes wear and tear. It will also improve the appearance of the vehicle and help reveal any damage to the exterior of the asset.

Be Aware of Conditions on the Construction Site

Certain elements on a construction site can cause damage to vehicles. If there is acidic soil or salting, for example, it can lead to corrosion and other maintenance needs. It’s important to be aware of these issues so you can alert the maintenance staff to look for signs of damage and take extra precautions during PM services.

Make Sure All Vehicle Operators Are Properly Trained

It’s always important to make sure drivers and vehicle operators are properly trained on the asset they are driving. Because of the size and nature of construction vehicles, this can be even more important with these types of assets. Not only can an untrained operator put him or herself at risk, but he or she can also put others in the area in danger. This can also lead to damage to the asset. To avoid this, only allow drivers with proper training and licenses to operate construction vehicles.

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