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Fuel: It's one of your fleet's largest expenses.

Gaining control over fuel costs is every fleet manager's greatest weapon when it comes to trimming operational expenses, especially in today's world of tremendously volatile fuel prices.

RTA's fuel management module does more than just track your fleet's fuel usage.

Our software can help you evaluate best practices and find ways to streamline your operations, reduce fuel usage and ultimately cut costs. Our software tracks fuel consumption, delivery and transactions, stores data, and even calculates fuel cost per mile for each vehicle in your fleet.

Get a handle on fuel expenses with these software features from RTA:

Fuel Usage Tracking

Fuel tracking allows you to carefully monitor vehicle fuel consumption and fuel efficiency, so you can more effectively manage your operation's fuel costs.

Our tracking module tracks fuel data and monitors MPG for each vehicle and driver.  For maximum efficiency, the system provides an electronic interface to your automated pump and tank monitoring system.

Fuel transactions are automatically read and entered into the RTA system, which helps you keep vehicle odometers up-to-date and your preventative maintenance on track.  We offer a customized interface to most fuel systems, including Gasboy, Phoenix, Fuelmaster, Voyager, Petrovend, Comdata, and many more.

Fuel Reporting

Imagine knowing the price per gallon, MPG and fuel usage of each and every vehicle in your fleet. The RTA system provides you with more than 100 different reports to help you manage your fleet operations, including fuel transaction, fuel tax, fuel billing, tank leakage and fuel efficiency reports.

You can customize the report to show just the data you need by selecting the appropriate filter.  You can also choose to get totals for each vehicle or piece of equipment, each pump or each tank.

Billing reports give you the data you need to track and recover fuel charges from departmental fuel cards.  You can even transfer your fuel data to a spreadsheet for further data analysis.

Fuel Tax Reporting

When it comes time to fill out your fuel tax reporting (IFTA), you'll be glad you have RTA's fuel tracking system.  It stores fuel usage (by state), mileage data, and all the information you need to accurately determine your fuel credits.

Instead of tediously recreating fuel tax reports from hand-written driver notes, which can be inaccurate and incomplete, pull the information you need right from the RTA system and accomplish your quarterly reporting in an hour or two.  (And feel free to breathe a sigh of relief!)

Ready to learn more about how RTA Fleet Management Software can help you control your fuel costs?

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