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Fleet management software provides many benefits to operations and their staffs. One of the biggest is giving fleet managers confidence to lead. Fleet management software can help managers take some of the guess-work out of running their day-to-date operation by providing them with data and information to make – and backup – their decisions.

Find out how providing more data, preventative maintenance solutions, dashboards and improved workflows can help managers lead their fleets with confidence.


Increased Data

Fleet management software provides managers with key information on their operations. Managers can go into the system and run reports on labor, preventative maintenance, open work orders, and more, to track the productivity of their operation.

Managers also have easy access to parts inventory, warranty information, vehicle usage and vehicle history to make decisions about budgeting, inventory and vehicle costs.

Having this information available helps managers have more insight into their operations and the confidence to know the decisions they are making are the right ones.


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Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Fleet managers have the opportunity to transform their operation from being reactive to proactive when it comes to vehicle repairs. Fleet management software allows operations to track and schedule vehicles for preventative maintenance services. This allows operations to keep up with minor service request – like oil changes, tire rotations, and other small items. It also gives operations the opportunity to address small issues early on, before they become larger.

Keeping up with regular PM services can allow operations to avoid costly breakdowns and downtime. This can save operations money on labor and overall expenses.


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Real-time Dashboards

Managers don’t have to wait for monthly reports to be run or for staff members to convey important information when they use fleet management software. Fleet managers can create dashboards for key information that they want to have instant access to. Managers can log into the software and check the specific dashboards to get real-time information on their fleet. This lets managers know instantly when there is an issue they need to address. It also gives them the confidence to make split-second decisions based on the data they are seeing in the dashboards.


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Improved Workflows

Fleet management software allows operations to increase productivity. Using tools within the software, staff members can track how long technicians are spending on each service request. This allows managers to monitor if tasks are taking longer than they should and investigate why. For example, if there is a hold-up between the parts room and the technicians, then the fleet manager has the data to show why workflows need to be changed and efficiencies created.

Operations can also improve their workflows through the fleet management software by eliminating paper forms. Instead of taking the time to hand documents to various individuals and departments, which creates the risk of losing the paperwork, the information can be stored in the software. Tasks like submitting work orders, ordering parts and checking on vehicle history and warranty information can all be handled within the software. This reduces the amount of time employees spend looking for paperwork and searching for vehicle information.

This assures fleet managers important information on each vehicle is being stored so it can be easily accessed later. It also lets managers know staff members are spending their time on important tasks instead of tracking down paperwork or deciphering handwriting.


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