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Fleet operations might have the best equipment and top-notch professionals on staff to use it, but the operation can’t succeed to its fullest potential if its staff isn’t productive.

Fleet managers need to determine how to get the most out of every staff member for the fleet to run efficiently -- now and in the future.

Find out how a manager’s attitude and ability to challenge his or her employees can create a more productive fleet staff.


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Be Authentic

Staff members want to know they can trust their leader. For that reason, fleet managers should be authentic and genuine with their staff. This will motivate staff members to stay true to who they are, have pride in their work, and want to perform at a high level.


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Create a Positive Culture

Employees are unlikely to strive to do their best work if the office has a negative vibe. If staff members feel like their work doesn’t matter, or management is being unfairly negative, then employees will be less motivated to be productive. To curb this, managers should create a positive workplace where employees feel appreciated and have opportunities to bond with their team members. The more an employee enjoys his or her work environment, co-workers and leaders, the harder he or she will work to help the company succeed.


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Present Challenges and Opportunities

Employees will be motivated to work harder if they feel like their work is important – both to help the business succeed and to grow their careers. Managers can help employees feel more invested by giving them new responsibilities and projects to challenge them. Leaders can also offer additional opportunities to employees who want to elevate their careers and skill sets.


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Offer Training

If employees feel like the fleet operation is investing in them, then they will be more likely to work harder for the company. Operations that offer additional training opportunities or ways to further employees’ education will build loyalty among those staff members. This will encourage them to be more productive in return for the company’s investment.


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Understand Work-Life Balance

Managers who grant employees the flexibility to achieve a work-life balance will gain more productive employees in exchange.  Burnt out employees are not productive. They may become tired and stressed out, which can lead to mistakes on the job. If managers give employees time to be with family and friends, then staff members will feel more fulfilled and will be able to better focus on work when they are on the clock.


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Listen to their Concerns, Goals, Ideas

Employees want to know their feedback is appreciated and their ideas are being heard. Managers who listen to employees’ concerns and help staff members try to achieve their goals will be rewarded with more committed and productive employees.


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