6 Tips to Make Your Meetings More Effective

Does your fleet operation struggle to find enough time in the workday to get its work orders done? If so, it can be hard to take employees away from[...]

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How to Hire the Ideal Team Player for Your Fleet Operation

To make your fleet operation run efficiently it’s important to hire the right employees. Having the right staff in place can ensure jobs are done[...]

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A Letter From Our CEO Josh Turley

Dear Friends and RTA Family, 

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Want to Make Your Vehicle Inspections More Efficient? Observe Your Technicians

Have you questioned how vehicle issues go unnoticed during inspections, or why preventative maintenance services seem to take longer than they should[...]

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COVID-19: Tips for Sanitizing Vehicles During PM, Inspections

The coronavirus pandemic has likely altered the way your fleet operation is functioning right now, with some employees working from home and others [...]

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Special Maintenance for EMS Vehicles

Emergency medical services vehicles have a unique set of demands they need to fulfill. From being able to travel at high speeds, brake suddenly, and be[...]

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Tech Tip: How to Fix Windows Security Prompts in RTA

Are you getting a Windows security prompt when launching RTA, or when using our new notes and spellcheck features? We have a solution to help you [...]

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National Police Week: PM Checklist for Squad Cars

May 10-16 marks the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s National Police Week. However, for fleets with police vehicles, it’s important to[...]

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ICYMI: RTA, Steve Saltzgiver Hosted ‘Shop & Tech Productivity’ Webinar

Is your shop struggling to stay productive during the coronavirus outbreak? Between staff members working remotely, practicing social-distancing and[...]

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Top 5 Traits All Fleet Operation Leaders Should Have

For a fleet operation to be successful, it needs to have a solid leader. This person should be able to convey the operation’s goals and mission and[...]

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