RTA Announces New Integrations; Automatic Odometer Readings

RTA Fleet Management Software announces new data integrations with Samsara, Network Fleet by Verizon, Geotab and J.J. Keller. The integrations allow[...]

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Why Data Privacy Matters to Fleet Operations

We live in a world where information is quickly accessible to us via the internet. We rely on this data being available instantly at our fingertips to[...]

How to Attract Top Technicians to Your Fleet Operation

Most fleet operations’ biggest hiring needs are drivers and technicians.

Fleet Technicians’ 5 Biggest Pet Peeves

In fleet operations, the technicians are the magicians who are expected to solve various issues with all types of vehicles. No matter the difficulty[...]

Tips to Ensure Your Truck’s Load is Secure

We’ve all seen it before – a truck loses part of the load it is carrying across the roadway. Traffic is backed up, the materials being hauled are[...]

How to Maintain Your School Buses over Summer Vacation

Schools across the U.S. are ending sessions before summer vacation. As kids enjoy the break from school, fleet operations can take advantage of the[...]

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8 Ways to Improve Your Fleet Operation’s Work Culture

By definition, work culture is the overall environment and personality of a workplace. It reflects the traditions, behaviors and attitudes of the[...]

How Inventory Turns Can Improve Your Fleet Operation’s Budget

Is your parts room cluttered with obsolete or over-stocked parts? These parts are taking up valuable shelf space and are ultimately costing your fleet[...]

Safe-Driving Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. As travelers head to beaches, lakes, cabins and resorts, roadways can be more congested than usual[...]

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Click it or Ticket: 4 Things to Know about Wearing a Seat Belt

The first thing most people do when getting into a vehicle – either as a passenger or a driver – is buckle their seat belt. In fact, the National[...]

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