By Mary Motzko | November 9th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

Is your fleet operation using paper forms to complete driver vehicle inspection reports? If so, be honest – how well are they really working for you?

Have they become more trouble than they are worth? We understand. While paper forms might initially seem more convenient – especially if your drivers and technicians are more familiar with paper forms than mobile applications – they can quickly become a hassle.

Check out these common problems you might experience with paper vehicle inspection forms, and how an electronic DVIR can be more beneficial.

Risk of Misplacing the Forms

To stay compliant with Department of Transportation mandates, you need to keep vehicle inspection reports on file for three months. If you are using paper forms, there is a chance you will misplace the report as it gets passed from person to person around the shop, including the driver, technicians and an administrator. With electronic DVIRs, the reports are stored in the app so they can be easily accessed by approved personnel.

Difficult to Read

When using paper forms, drivers need to provide detailed, hand-written notes. If your drivers have neat handwriting, this might not be a problem. But for drivers whose handwriting is hard to read, it can make it difficult for technicians to decipher their notes. This can result in the wrong repairs being made on a vehicle. Electronic DVIRs let drivers quickly type their notes into the app. They can also use voice recording or images to provide details of defects.

Makes Communication Difficult Between Drivers and Technicians

Drivers can struggle to communicate with the shop, and vice versa, when defects are found on a vehicle. Technicians can find it difficult to interpret the driver’s notes, and the driver can get frustrated when trying to get status updates on the vehicle. This can result in tension between the shop and the drivers. To avoid this, eDVIRs allow technicians access easy-to-read inspection reports, and they can make updates to the vehicle’s status in the app so drivers know when the repairs are completed.


Paper forms can be costly as you need to buy forms for each vehicle. If you’re spending about $5 per form, for about the same price you can get access to an eDVIR app. The application can provide additional tools and functionalities to make the vehicle inspection process easier at your shop, making it worth the investment.

To learn how an eDVIR app can make vehicle inspections easier for your fleet operation, contact our software specialists.