By Mary Motzko | July 25th, 2019 | | 0 Comments

It’s important for commercial vehicles to get cleaned regularly. Removing dirt and buildup from vehicles can keep them looking good and functioning as expected.

However, for newer vehicles it’s not as easy as just pulling into a car wash along the side of the road. Because of newer technology, car washes that aren’t built with newer, more modern vehicles in mind can put vehicles at-risk.

Take a closer look at items you should consider before bringing a vehicle with modern technology through a car wash.

Paint Damage

Car wash brushes can damage your vehicle’s exterior paint. These can be especially troublesome for newer vehicles that have a thin, clear coat over their regular paint. This coat can get scratched during a car wash. If this coat is scratched or damaged, there isn’t an easy way to remove the blemish, other than repaint the vehicle. For older vehicles that don’t have this transparent paint layer, small scratches can be buffed out.

Safety Technology

Certain safety technology, like collision avoidance systems, can be problematic if left on in the car wash. While the systems are useful when the vehicle is on the road and they detect vehicles, pedestrians or other objects to avoid an accident, the system can unnecessarily detect the large equipment, or another vehicle in front or behind it in the car wash.

Other safety features can prevent the vehicle from moving when it’s in neutral, which can be necessary as car wash employees move vehicles around. This can include safety features that prevent the car from moving if the seat belt isn’t fastened, if a car door is open, or if the engine is off.

Secure Automatic Wipers

Newer vehicles have technology that can automatically turn on windshield wipers when the wipers sense moisture. This is helpful when it starts to rain and you’re on the roadways, but it can put your wipers at-risk in a car wash. If windshield wipers are activated while in the car wash, the heavy brushes and machinery can cause them to break.


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