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As a smart and savvy business owner, you know that an investment is only valuable if it offers you a positive return over time. This is even more critical in a difficult economy, where business owners must make wise decisions that maximize profits and minimize waste.

When it comes to the management of large or small fleets, there are unfortunately a lot of opportunities for waste. With so many complex variables, like equipment tracking, parts inventory, work orders, scheduling, fuel management, billing, etc., poor management can cause serious downtime, which can greatly impact your profit margin.

At RTA, we propose our fleet management software as a solution to make your fleet more productive and therefore more profitable.

You might be wondering how we can back up this claim.

Well, because we are confident our software will provide our clients with a positive return on their investment. How can we be sure? We’ve created a handy savings calculator that shows you, the client, exactly how much you can expect to save with our fleet management system.

Calculating the ROI of Fleet Management Software

We’ve made it very simple. Just enter the number of vehicles in your fleet, the approximate value of your inventory (in dollars) and the age of your fleet. We also ask you to rate your overall PM performance and warranty recoveries on a scale from poor to great (here’s where you, the owner or manager, must be aware of your fleet’s strengths and weaknesses). Based on the information you provide, we can calculate how much you can expect to save using our system.

For example, let’s say you have a new, average-sized fleet (30 vehicles), worth $100,000 with average PM performance and warranty recovery. You can expect to save $13,333 per vehicle per year.

Does that sound like a good ROI to you?

We want our clients to make wise investments. When our clients are confident knowing that they are increasing productivity and decreasing costs, it makes for happy customers. And we like serving happy customers as much as we like increasing your bottom line.

So, do you have a fleet management system in place to minimize downtime and maximize profits? Are you confident that all aspects of your fleet are being managed efficiently and with little to no waste? How much time do you or your staff spend on fixing issues and managing workflow? Is your current fleet management system secure and easy to use?

Answer these questions honestly and then try out our cost calculator to see how much you can save.


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