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Is your IT department spread too thin?
Routine maintenance becoming a hassle?
Worried about data security?
No idea if or when backups are being performed?
Can’t get remote access to your data for workers in the field?
Program updates not being installed in a timely manner?
Sound like you?  Then  we may have the perfect solution!

RTA now offers our software in the Cloud...

Our pilot program has been successful and we are ready to offer our cloud hosting product to all of our clients.   Word has it, it’s fast and efficient.

Work environments have changed.  IT resources are tasked with doing more with much less.  Maintaining the physical server(s), workstations, network infrastructure, security, performing regular backups, and installing updates to the software, all come with a cost.  And in some cases, RTA in the Cloud just makes sense.

What is this cloud?

Cloud computing is the practice of storing regularly used computer data on multiple servers that can be accessed through the Internet.  Rather than installing RTA’s software on your company’s server(s), your RTA system will be installed on servers in a state of the art data center in Phoenix, AZ.  Server hardware and operating systems are maintained by RTA’s hosting team.  We handle the security to your RTA system as your human resources change.  We handle software upgrades and data backups for you.  There is no one more knowledgeable and capable to manage your RTA data, than us.  Our team of IT professionals become your IT professionals!  Your IT department will no longer need to maintain your RTA system.  All that is needed is a stable internet connection.  In fact, you will be able to access your RTA software from anywhere that you have an internet connection!  No longer are you and your employees tied to a workstation on the local network.  Wifi or cellular hotspot connected laptops are a staple in business these days.  Accessing your RTA system in the field becomes a simple task.

How can you move to the RTA cloud?

The process of moving your existing RTA system to the cloud is quite painless and requires minimal downtime.  RTA’s cloud services are priced on a monthly subscription model rather than the annual support maintenance contract you are currently familiar with.  Cost is based on the number of concurrent users requiring access to the system and whether you want to utilize a standard RTA database or one backed by a Microsoft SQL database server.  Once you contract us to host your RTA system, our hosting team prepares the physical servers in the data center.  The RTA software is accessible only by your employees and our hosting team.  You still have your own separate and private copy of the RTA software.  Software resources are not shared with other companies!  You will provide us with a list of employees that need access to your RTA system.  Once the server is operational, you will have the opportunity to configure your workstation computers to access RTA in the cloud.

By the way, for Windows users, there’s no new software to install!
Windows XP and newer computers already contain the tools necessary to run RTA in the cloud.  We provide you with a tiny 3kb file that needs to be copied to your workstations.  Click on that file, connect using a login and password, and your RTA application is displayed and ready for use!
There are even third party software solutions for Apple iOS, Linux, and Android systems that will allow you to access your RTA system from those operating systems.

Once your workstations are able to connect, a brief testing and training period can begin.  Once your employees have learned the new way to run RTA, you will schedule a cutover date with us.  You’ll send us your existing RTA system’s data, usually by internet file transfer.  The test RTA system will be updated with your data, and we will let you know that the system is live and ready for use.


Call us.  We’re happy to help you assess the fit, provide costing, and move to a solution that may be a great option for your fleet.