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8-ways-fleet-management-saves-300x200RTA is the alternative to fleet sharing software services.

In an age where budgets are tightened annually, some entities have opted to join together to form area-wide purchasing co-ops in order to save money on their fleet management software purchases.

RTA's robust fleet management system is a fantastic alternate to going through this lengthy set-up process, eliminating the need to create joint venture opportunities. 

During time when pressure is great to cut fleet costs, RTA's fleet management software has already taken those steps to assist multiple agencies.

First, RTA's extensive fleet management software system is affordably and attractively priced for any sized fleet.  RTA takes fleet and user size into consideration allowing flexibility into its pricing matrix.

Second, RTA's solution collects and tracks numerous amounts of data that the cost of the system literally pays for itself in a few short weeks, offering improved tracking and analysis allowing managers to make better informed decisions and streamline the entire shop operation while saving time and money.

RTA's extensive reporting capabilities, scalability, and ease of use allow any sized fleet to track repairs, preventive maintenance, expenses, parts, warranties and much more at an affordable and reasonable price.  Ron Turley, founder of Ron Turley Associates, had a passion for helping fleets save time and money in an affordable manor and that tradition continues through today.

Governmental and non-profit agencies can bypass the RFP process by joining a nationwide co-op such as to purchase RTA's robust system without going through the tedious RFP process.  RTA has thousands of satisfied customers worldwide and stands by ready to assist.  Make the move today to view a customized demo showing how easy it is to acquire a robust fleet management software solution for your business.

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