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RTA is proud to have been featured on How 2 Media’s popular television series ,“World’s Greatest!...," a thirty-minute show which highlights the greatest companies, products, places and people around the world.  The show takes viewers on a virtual tour of the world's greatest with the help of informative interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.


We are excited to stand alongside other well-known brands that have also been featured on the show, such as Anheuser-Busch, SIEMENS, 3M, Samsung and more. This is a great opportunity for viewers to see what truly makes us the World's Greatest Fleet Management Software Company.

To capture the story behind RTA's beginning, growth and current success, How 2 Media sent a film crew to our Glendale, AZ office where they were able to see first hand the day-to-day operations that make RTA so successful. The film crew also interviewed a local school district, an RTA fleet management software user, to find out how our software helps them keep their costs low and operation running smoothly.