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We're pleased to announce that RTA Fleet was recently included in Business-Software.com's list of Top 10 Fleet Maintenance Management Software for 2013. The report highlights each vendor's strengths, estimates pricing information, and provides insight into current industry trends. RTA took the 5th overall spot, beating out other well-known competitors like Fleetmatics and General Electric.

Robust and affordable fleet management software solutions are few and far between. There are many options to choose from but very few offer all of the features you need. Most fleet management software companies offer out-of-the-box packages with limited or no customization capabilities. This lack of customization options can be a detriment to companies that require custom solutions to monitor unique metrics or industry specific methods of operation.

An Example

For example, Mario's Go-Kart Rental service uses inexpensive, out-of-the-box fleet management software for many business functions, from managing shop repairs to logging accident-related information.

However, there's another vital aspect of the business that isn't managed by their existing software - vehicle rental. Due to a lack of features in their existing software package, the company is forced to use a second, third-party software solution for their kart rental management. Because the solutions are separate, they regularly experience problems when attempting to merge and interpret data from their fleet management software and their kart rental software.

Wouldn't it be great if the features from the kart rental software were baked into the fleet management software? Among many other benefits, Mario's Go-Kart Rental would have the advantage of a more streamlined and easy to understand workflow. These kind of customization options are big differentiators when comparing fleet management software solutions. The ability to personalize fleet management tools for unique requirements is hugely important to the efficient cost management of your fleet.


Cost Management

The most challenging aspect of running a successful fleet is cost management. Constant pressure to increase fleet efficiency and reduce overhead is mainly driven by a weak economy, domestically and internationally. During tight economic times, it's common for companies to issue cost reduction goals to fleet managers, leaving them responsible for figuring out how to achieve the target cost reduction.

Some achieve this by increasing fleet availability by more closely monitoring preventive maintenance schedules. Others take advantage of the strong domestic resale market for vehicles by short cycling fleet vehicles and selling them earlier than usual.

Another creative way to reduce overhead is to consolidate independent tools and systems into simpler, more easily managed systems. Take the hypothetical Go-Kart example from above - when Mario finally decides to consolidate his fleet management software with his kart rental software, he'll be privy to more accurate and abundant fleet metrics, an easier-to-use system, and greater insight into the fleet-related expenses of the company.

RTA’s ability to solve these fleet management pain points is one reason why it is being recognized as a top fleet management service company. Some details on RTA Fleet from the Business-Software.com report are below:

Select Customers

Waste Connections
City of Las Vegas
Kroger Foods
Associated Foods


Technology Model

On-premise or SaaS


Key Features

Full featured equipment management
PM tracking
Parts inventory/purchasing/warranty management
Motor pool
Paperless shop/Inspections
Road calls
Shop scheduling
Work order management
Tire tracking/management
Fuel tracking/management
Accident tracking


Our Fleet Software

In addition to building industry-leading fleet management software, the team at RTA Fleet offers custom software development options to meet unique customer demands. Click the button below to try out the software:





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