By Mary Motzko | November 11th, 2021 | | 0 Comments

You’ve undoubtedly heard the hype around electric vehicles, which may have you wondering if and when you should electrify your fleet.

Our hosts RTA CEO Josh Turley and former trucking executive Jeff Jenkins tackled this topic in a recent episode of the podcast, “The Fleet Success Show.”

Listen to the full episode of the show.

Take a look at some of the pros and cons of adding EVs to your fleet Josh and Jeff discussed on the show.


One of the biggest advantages of electric vehicles is the cost savings. EVs allow you to save on fuel costs, which is one of the biggest expenses at a fleet operation. They can also save you time, as you don’t have to worry about refueling, tracking gas cards, or monitoring fuel usage.

The performance of EVs can also be superior to gas-fueled vehicles. Electric vehicles have an immediate get-up-and-go as soon as you press on the gas pedal.

“I can tell you the performance of an electric vehicle is mind-numbing,” Josh said. “It’s just amazing.”


While there are several advantages to adding EVs to your fleet, there are also some negatives to consider before purchasing new vehicles.

One thing you need to think about is what happens during a blackout when there is no electricity to charge your assets? Recently, rolling blackouts have been more frequent than fuel shortages, making this a factor to consider when purchasing EVs.

Perhaps the biggest negative is the lack of infrastructure. Right now, there are only a set amount of charging stations available for your vehicles to use on routes. If you do find one, you could have to wait in a long line to use it. Sure, you could have to wait in line at a gas station to get fuel, too, but as Jeff noted, it’s different with charging stations.

“It takes 20 minutes for a supercharge, whereas it takes 5 minutes to fill up your tank,” Jeff said.

What happens if you have a police fleet, and one of your vehicles runs out of power in the middle of a high-speed chase? These are situations you will need to prepare for.

Infrastructure can be an even bigger concern for trucking fleets. Semis need charging stations that aren’t yet there. Trucks could already run into long wait times just trying to refuel. What happens when a truck needs a lengthy recharge? Where do the other trucks park while waiting for their turn at the charging station?

Fleets will also need to consider the investment they will need to make in their facility to add charging stations. This will require a construction permit to add the additional electrical outlets to your property.

While there are pros and cons to adding fleet vehicles to your fleet, Jeff had some advice for fleets that are considering purchasing EVs – don’t just do it because it’s trendy.

“Do it because you care about the environment. Do it because you want to save money,” Jeff said. “Do it for the right reasons.”

Hear more pros and cons of electrifying your fleet when you listen to the entire podcast episode.