When trying to improve a fleet operation’s efficiencies and overall organization, most fleet managers turn to fleet management software. This software helps operations track vehicles, parts, work orders, preventative maintenance, and more.

While fleet management software is at the core of an operation, additional software and tools can help operations with customer management, project management, accounting and scheduling.

Learn how these tools can benefit your fleet operation.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Purchasing CRM software can benefit fleet operations of all types – whether you work with internal or external customers. A CRM can help organize customer data, including key contacts, phone numbers, email addresses, billing addresses, purchase history, and more. A CRM can help your fleet operation keep tabs on how many customers it is currently serving, as well as view past clients.

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Project Management Software

Project management software can help your fleet operation stay organized around projects and tasks. This software can assign larger projects and keep staff members on-pace to complete the work by the deadline. Project management software allows for easier communication, as employees can add notes into the tool to store all information in one place. It also helps fleet operations track costs per project to ensure you stay on-budget.

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Accounting Software

Utilizing accounting software helps fleet operations stay organized while saving time and preventing human error.  It helps fleet operations easily enter and track financial data and provides easy access to current financial statements and budgets.  Accounting software also helps operations create invoices.

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Scheduling Software

Scheduling software can help fleet operations ease the scheduling process by tracking employees’ vacations and requested time off. It allows staff members to submit vacation requests and alerts users to scheduling conflicts. It also lets employees access their schedule remotely to prevent confusion.

While fleet management software is at the core of every fleet operation to help manage work orders, vehicles and parts, using additional software can help add efficiencies to other areas of the operation, including accounting and scheduling.


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