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Purchasing new vehicles for your fleet operation can be a lengthy process that requires a lot of decisions and research along the way.

Take a look at some of the steps you should take before purchasing new vehicles for your fleet.



Fleet managers should conduct extensive research before purchasing new vehicles for their fleet. This research should include identifying the vehicle they are replacing, the type of asset they want to purchase, getting testimonials from others who have purchased a similar vehicle, asking specific questions about the vehicle’s performance, and getting input from their staff members.

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Set a Budget

One of the most important steps when purchasing a new fleet vehicle is setting a budget. This will help you decide if you are looking for a new or used vehicle, and the type of vehicle you can afford. If you are requesting funding, make sure your budget accounts for the typical selling price for the make and model of vehicle you want to buy, in addition to any add-on fees for delivery or upgrades.

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Determine Specifications and Features

Before looking for vehicles, you have to determine what specifications and features you want the vehicle to have. These can include key safety features, number of doors, type of transmission, carrying capacity, as well as if you are looking for an energy-efficient vehicle such as an electric vehicle or a hybrid.

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Conduct More Specific Research

Once you determine the type of vehicle and its specifications you are looking for, you should conduct more research to learn about the performance and maintenance of the vehicle. This can include internet research, attending trade shows to look at models and gather information, and visiting neighboring fleets who have a similar vehicle.

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Search for the Vehicle

The final step is to research the best options for purchasing the vehicle. Spending time researching can save your fleet money as you search for the best deal available. To get a good deal, you might have to look outside of your surrounding community. Determining how far away you are willing to look, and what delivery method and fees will be required can play a factor in deciding where to ultimately purchase the vehicle.


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