By Jan Smith | December 16th, 2021 | | 0 Comments

In the world of instant satisfaction that we live in where everyone is looking to get something for FREE, it is not very often you seem to find it.

Unless you can find a free trial. This is becoming more standard with SaaS solutions, where you get to take the software for a test drive before you sign up.

(We’re no different. You can try RTA’s best-of-breed fleet management software for free for 15 days – no obligations, no strings attached.)

Benefits of a Free Trial

Signing up for a free trial can provide many benefits for you. Two of the top advantages are it lets you get a hands-on look at the software, and it lets you interact with the company.

First-hand experience with the software: Looking at demo videos and even seeing a live demo can give you an overview of a SaaS solution, but there is no replacement for actually getting to go into the solution yourself, play around, and see if it fits your needs. A free trial allows you to interact with the software, determine how user-friendly it is, and check out all of the bells and whistles.

Interact with the company: A free trial also lets you see what the company is like behind the curtain. Setting up a trial allows you to potentially interact with their onboarding team and see how responsive their customer service or support team is. This is the knowledge you typically only get after you sign up for the solution.

How to Take Advantage of RTA’s Free Trial Offer

How does this apply to fleet?


If you are that Fleet Manager or Transportation Director who lays awake at night trying to figure out how to best tackle your Fleet Maintenance issues, RTA’s FMIS can be your solution.

You can see for yourself through our free, 15-day trial.

You can see your data in real-time and be able to track PMs, parts inventory, work orders, and driver inspections. You can also see with a single click which vehicle you should be replaced based on the data metric in our software. RTA takes the guesswork out of monitoring your fleet operation.

When trying out our SaaS solution -- which gives you 24/7 access to everything you need to manage your fleet from anywhere at any time – spend time checking out our mobile app, RTA Mobile. With our mobile dashboard, you can take your data with you to the meetings and have all the report information at your fingertips.

See for yourself how your operation can benefit from having all of its information in one place. This will not only save you time, but our simultaneous backup also eliminates the risk of losing your data.

Contact us to start a free trial of RTA, and see how it can provide your fleet operation with cost savings, flexibility, and eliminate risk to make your job easier!

Jan Smith is a Senior Software Specialist at RTA. With the company for more than 20 years, Jan has worked in various positions throughout the company – including as a trainer – making him an expert in our product. A lifelong fleet professional, he knows what it takes for fleets to succeed.