Over 2 Dozen Ways to Correctly Define Process

Ron Turley Associates (RTA) was developed to simply make fleets better.  Being passionate about efficiency within fleet maintenance, Ron Turley created an[...]

What Makes RTA Fleet Management Software Better?

RTA Fleet Management Software works hard to provide intricate, yet easy-to-use, fleet management software for its clients.  In today's market, there are[...]

How Fleet Managers Save Fleets Money


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System Value Analysis

 Valuable Features a Fleet Management Software Should Encompass

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Why Attend RTA’s 27th Annual Users’ Conference...In A Nutshell


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Benefits of Barcoding

Speed and ease of managing the flow of parts inventory is crucial.  Removing the human error element increases proficiency which saves your shop time and[...]

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Free White Paper: Managing Tire Expenses

Tire expense is the third greatest expense of most fleets after fuel and payroll.

In five years as their national director, Ron Turley saved UPS nearly[...]

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Free White Paper: Advancing Preventive Maintenance

Ron Turley learned a thing or two about preventive maintenance while saving UPS nearly $100 million in fleet vehicle costs in the 1970s. He shared his[...]

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Free White Paper: Maximizing Warranty Recovery

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Download RTA's Free White Paper: 5 Best Practices For Fleet Managers


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