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Occasionally you might need to make an odometer correction or replace a broken meter in the RTA system. When this happens, it’s important to always check your preventative maintenance schedules afterwards.

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Making an Odometer Correction

If your odometer and life meter are incorrectly set too high, your vehicle will require an odometer correction to adjust the odometer and life meter to the right meter. However, if you had a PM performed while that meter was too high, it will throw off your preventative maintenance schedule when you make the correction and change your PM-last-done meter to 1.

This shows that your last done mileage was higher than your current mileage. RTA realizes this is an error and it will set the PM-last-done to 1. You need to find out what mileage the job was actually done at and adjust the vehicle’s PM schedule accordingly to keep the vehicle on an accurate timeline.

Replacing a Broken Odometer

If you replaced a vehicle’s broken odometer with a new one, make sure you perform a broken meter update in RTA and not a correction. If you do a correction, it will incorrectly adjust all of your PM’s. If you aren’t sure how to do this, contact RTA Support and our team will walk you through it.

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