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Do you have obsolete parts still in your RTA system? There’s an easy way to delete these! Use these instructions from our Support team to learn how to use the Delete Range by Bin feature.

What ‘Delete Range by Bin’ Does

The Delete Range by Bin utility allows users to delete a large range of non-sequential parts from a facility, completely removing the Part file. This can be used when selling inventory or after parts have become obsolete. To save you time, this utility lets you delete parts without having to pull up each record one at a time.

How to Use ‘Delete Range by Bin’

To use the Delete Range by Bin utility, follow these tips from our Support team:

Export Your Part File: Follow the steps in “How to Use the Import/Export Utilities” to export your Part file:

Export Utilities

Make Spreadsheet Edits: Once the Part Master File is opened into a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, use the column-header “Stock Area A Bin” (found initially under column AO) to set the undesirable part’s Bin location to a new code, such as DEL (for delete) or OBS (for obsolete).

As a best practice, delete all unnecessary columns in the spreadsheet to speed up the import process. This will help you avoid receiving errors and reject files. There is no need to import data that already exists in your system -- just updates or changes.

Spreadsheet edits

Start the RTA Import Process: When you have properly set all necessary parts to this new code, follow the RTA Import process to update those existing parts in your program.

Go to System > Utilities > Export/Import > Import. Select your Parts file and pick the file option in the right-hand column to choose the options. Select the checkbox that says, “Update Existing”.

System Utility Import

Run the Import: Double-click the Import File Name and find your newly formatted Parts spreadsheet. Then run the import.

Delete Utility: Go to System > Custom Utilities II > Parts > Delete Range by Bin and select YES when the program information box comes up. Input the Starting and Ending Bin as the new bin code, such as DEL. Then hit OK.

Delete Parts by Bin

Print or View Deleted Records: You can print or view the deleted records at this time. Notice that once deleted, you will no longer be able to view/edit the deleted parts EXCEPT as they’ve been posted to a WO through the vehicle history. Even then, they will register as a “non-file part”.

If a part has been deleted incorrectly, or was never meant to be deleted, you can create a new part and use the same part number and primary vendor for RTA to re-connect the old part’s history. For help, go to


If you need assistance in performing this task in the RTA system, reach out to our 5-star Support team for help!