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Bam!!! You've hit an office wall.

You're looking for fleet software and it's now at the top of a list entitled "Decisions to be made REAL SOON." You've got your team engaged and enlisted.

Your real live Account Manager is on your mind and he's got you on his mind. A lot. Calls, emails, check-ins go nowhere anymore. The questions are answered.

What would nudge the pen out of your drawer for you to sign the contract?

There are planety of products in the B2C world we experience before we make a purchase. Or, the price point is low enough and we'll return it without a hassle if dissatisfied.

But B2B is different. Price point is high. And all the words used during sales engagement such as solutions and results are less tangible.

Why not RTA?

Your company has assessed your problems and RTA Fleet Software is a good answer for a more effective strategy of keeping close tabs on your fleet. You would be demonstrating facts and figures to upper management through reporting. RTA Fleet Software also keeps your business aware of routine maintenance and grips vehicle parts inventory. The simplicity and ease of use of RTA is favored by many. These are only a few reasons why RTA Fleet software is sought after by thousands of fleet operations today.

Consider a TEST DRIVE before you purchase the software.

Equally important to the decision is an experience RTA offers: TEST DRIVE.

It's a pre-purchase option and is exactly as it sounds.

You drive the vehicle (in this case, RTA Fleet Software) and you use if for a period of thirty days. Once the thirty days has passed, we predict you've made the decision to continue with the software. You can identify your success with the software and any additional questions are answered for you.

The most important aspect of a TEST DRIVE is the experience you gain from actually using, feeling and touching the software. TEST DRIVE is an opportunity  that is invaluable in making a sound decision for your fleet environment.

If you are considering RTA Fleet Software, please contact your Account Manager.

Let us give you the experience you need to make the decision at hand.

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