By Mary Motzko | August 4th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of travelers to change their vacation plans this year and opt for a road trip instead of flying. This can lead to more traffic on the roads for fleet drivers to contend with during their routes.

To keep fleet drivers and others safe on the roadways this summer, follow these tips:

Make sure the vehicle is properly maintained: Summer heat can take a toll on a vehicle. Make sure drivers are completing vehicle inspections before and after routes, and the shop is keeping up with preventative maintenance. This will help ensure the vehicle has the proper amount of fluids, that the battery is functioning, the radiator is working, and the cooling system is performing as expected to keep the driver cool and comfortable in the vehicle.

Be Prepared for the Heat: The heat can be hard on drivers and put their health in jeopardy if they are not careful. To prevent this, it’s important for drivers to take precautions to stay cool and hydrated. Drivers should keep extra water in their vehicles and should pack light clothing and sunscreen in case of a vehicle breakdown. It’s also important that drivers know how to use the air conditioner and have a sunshade or other device to keep the sun out of the vehicle when it’s parked.

Keep a Safe Distance: If a driver is hauling a heavy load, it can take the vehicle longer to stop when applying the brakes. Drivers should be aware of the distance it will take them to stop when dealing with extra traffic on the roads.

Avoid Distracted Driving: Drivers should never drive while distracted, but it can be even more important when there are more cars on the roads. Fleet operations can use telematics to monitor driver behaviors to ensure they are following safe driving practices.

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