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When you implement RTA Fleet Management Software, you get a robust system with core tools. These include the essentials to organize your fleet operation, including vehicles and parts, preventative maintenance, work orders, inventory tracking, purchasing, repair history, mechanic productivity tracking, reporting, and more.

To take your fleet operation to the next level, RTA also offers modules that can be added on to your solution. For RTA SaaS subscribers, certain modules are included with your subscription.

Take a Closer Look at What’s Included in RTA Saas Subscriptions

Check out the 10 most popular RTA modules and learn how they can benefit your fleet.

Electronic Fueling Interface (EFI)

This module is user-specific, depending on the type of fueling system your fleet operation is using: pumps and tanks, card lock systems, credit or fuel cards, dispatch programs or independent fueling companies. It allows operations to connect their fueling information to the RTA solution.

Image Viewer

With the Image Viewer, you can attach pictures and text files (like Material Safety Data Sheets), warranty information, schematics, instructions, and more. This allows you to keep more information on vehicles in one place.

Paperless Shop

Paperless Shop acts as a timeclock for your technicians. This module allows them to clock in and out of jobs and indirect labor activities. Fleet operations can account for 100 percent of technicians’ time in the shop. It also lets you track direct vs indirect labor, as well as your shop direct labor ratio.

This feature is also available in the RTA Mobile app.

Tool Checkout

This module lets you track tool and equipment inventory. It allows you to classify types of tools, check tools in and out, track tool availability and status, and monitor who checked out the tool and how long they’ve had it.  

BarCode It

The BarCode It module allows your operation to create and print barcodes. This lets you put barcodes on parts bins, equipment, work orders, purchase orders, tires, tools, vehicles, motor pool vehicles and more.

RTA Guides

RTA allows you to easily access tools to help you with your day-to-day fleet operations. Some of these RTA Guides include: links to RTA websites, documents, spreadsheets, training documents and videos, PowerPoint presentations, policies and procedures, executable files (like batch files or scripts), and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections.  These can be accessed from the RTA information menu.

KPI Indicators

KPI, or Key Performance Indicators, allow you to track important data on your fleet operation. This includes helping you obtain information on vehicles, parts, work orders, fuel, tires, purchase orders, paperless shop and motor pool. The module can display the information in a chart or numerical format, and can compare the data to find highs, lows, averages and totals

Driver Reports

The Driver Reports module lets drivers enter their Vehicle Inspection Report via a kiosk. These inspections show up on the shop screen and can then be moved to a work order, deferred, or “ignored”. Once a driver-reported problem has been corrected (via a work order repair) – the driver is notified via the kiosk that the repair has been made.

This feature is also available in the RTA Mobile app.

RTA Messenger

RTA Messenger allows fleet staff members to create and send messages to each other through the RTA solution. This lets employees easily communicate with one another.


The MotorPool module lets you manage reservations for motor pool vehicles in your fleet. The module allows users to request vehicles, and it also lets you set multiple rate structures for billing during the rental period.

To learn more about the RTA modules or the RTA SaaS subscriptions, contact our Sales team to get more information.