Here are 5 qualities of a great fleet manager.

Have you ever thought about what it takes to be a great fleet manager and the qualities one must possess?

Based on years of interaction with fleet management professionals, here are the top 5 qualities of a great fleet manager we've witnessed time-and-time-again.

Leadership By Example

A fleet manager must be an effective leader and one of the main traits is to lead by example.  A leader serves.  He/she serves those around them, on any level.  Whether it is an employee, a customer, a supervisor, or political figure.  Leaders inspire each of us to improve and do our daily best.

Leaders have vision and embrace the future.  They create change and are not fearful of it.  Leaders understand they are role models and do their best to fulfill that role daily.

Leaders show respect.  They value their team's contributions and work hard to create a winning atmosphere which rewards each individual's accomplishments.



Another trait is a great fleet manager must be a goal setter.  They need to understand all aspects of fleet management and be able to effectively benchmark productivity.  Once benchmarking data has been analyzed, use that data to make positive changes within the operation.  Leaders are not afraid of change and show their staff how to positively work with change.

Fleet managers are committed to setting and reaching specific goals within their operation.  They are focused and work hard to bring the team along on this journey.  Being creative with this process helps break through challenges.


Do you have the ability to develop and communicate your department's vision based on comprehensive data analyses?   Do you see where the future is headed - long-term?  Do you have the team and tools to get you there?  Great leaders have vision and they know what tools are needed now and in the future to create what it is they 'see'.

Possesses Integrity

Being honest, even if it means admitting to a mistake, and maintaining high ethical standards are a must for any great fleet leader.  Integrity involves fairness, valuing each team member's opinion, and showing respect.

Identify with those who possess high standards and you'll find integrity.

Supports Company Growth

First you must understand the company's products, programs, services, budgeting, and mission before you're able to support the company's growth.

Being good stewards of money, supporting customers, staff, and management while embracing the company's mission, vision, and values are keys to supporting and contributing to your company's growth.


A great fleet manager stays in tune with the latest technological trends and issues facing fleet operations today.  They understand the company philosophy and treat everyone with respect.  Great leaders are great listeners.

Who do you know that is a great leader within your organization?

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