By Mary Motzko | January 28th, 2021 | | 0 Comments

Grocery stores, restaurants and consumers all rely on food and beverages getting delivered to their destinations on-time and in-tact. This makes it important for your food and beverage fleet vehicles to stay on the roads and out of the shop so routes can be completed on time.

To keep these vehicles running properly, it’s crucial to perform regular preventative maintenance. This lets your shop service the assets at regular intervals to inspect the vehicles, look for defects, and make minor repairs before they become larger. During these services, you must perform these tasks to keep your vehicles well maintained:

Check the vehicle’s fluid levels: Make sure the engine oil, coolant, transmission, brake, power steering and other fluids are at the correct levels. This can enable you to locate a leak and keep the vehicle running safely.

Check the tires and tire pressure: Inspect the tires at each PM appointment to check the tread depth and pressure. This can help prevent a tire blowout, avoid uneven wear, and improve the vehicle’s fuel usage.

Inspect the brakes: It’s crucial for fleet vehicles – especially large assets – to brake safely. Check the brakes during preventative maintenance services to look for signs of wear and tear. Replace them when they are worn and no longer functioning safely or properly.

Replace the air filters: Changing the air filters as needed can save on fuel usage and let the engine run more smoothly. Filters should be changed more frequently on vehicles that are driven on dirt roads.

Check the battery: Test the battery regularly to ensure it’s functioning properly. You should test it before extreme hot and cold weather arrives so you can replace it before it’s put under more strain.

Check the lighting: Inspect the lights and replace as needed to keep your vehicle safe on the roads.

Performing these tasks and others can help keep your food and beverage delivery vehicles on the roadways. Preventative maintenance ensures the assets are running properly so they can complete their routes on-time as expected.

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