Telematics has become quite the buzz word in the Fleet Industry. And there’s a good reason for that. Utilizing data and technology to improve the bottom line of your organization has become a necessary solution to your fleet’s safety and sustainability.

Reduce Costs through Driver Behavior Correction

Fuel Efficiency

Accelerating more conservatively, idling less, and maintaining fuel efficient speeds is a great recipe for fuel efficiency. But, are you sure your drivers are following these best practices? Access to real-time driver behavior answers that question for Fleet Managers and gives them the ability to shift driver behavior proactively before it negatively impacts your organization.

As part of his 5 Best Practices for Fleet Managers whitepaper, industry expert Ron Turley focused on managing and improving driver behavior. Specifically, on fuel efficiency he shared, “even something as simple as driving style can have a significant effect on fuel expenditures”, and recommended the following best practices:

  • Mandatory Driver Training should teach how to properly accelerate, brake and change gears.
  • Plan intelligent routes such as avoiding rush hour or traffic construction delays.
  • Poor preventive maintenance, excessive idling, careless driving, and inefficient tires can all lead to an increase in fuel consumption. Tracking the miles per gallon each vehicle is capable of and knowing if the vehicle is reaching its MPG potential are keys to understanding which areas need improvement.



According to the U.S. Department of Energy, each year more than 6 billion gallons of diesel fuel and gasoline are wasted by idling vehicles. Fuel is the second highest cost center for fleets, and idling is the biggest culprit. Simply put, one hour of idling by a heavy-duty vehicle equals approximately 80 miles of wear-and-tear on the engine.


Curb Aggressive Driving


Another important area to focus on in improving driver behavior to reduce costs is aggressive driving. This may include things such as hard braking and acceleration, speeding, and sharp cornering to name a few. Aggressive driving is a big drain on tires, brakes, and fuel costs. By monitoring this behavior through methods such as MVR reports, write-ups, and analysis of telematics data, you can make a big impact on your company’s bottom line. Telematics devices can provide real-time in-cab alerts when aggressive driving is detected.


Save Time and Money through Driver Behavior and Best Practices

Reducing costs by correcting poor driving habits and implementing internal guidelines on Fuel Efficiency, Idling, and Aggressive Driving will make a big impact in your Fleet Operations.

Even if you don’t use a Telematics Partner to monitor driver behavior, you can start by ensuring that your Fleet Management Software solution can provide you with the data and insight you need to make necessary changes to your operation. And, RTA Fleet Management Software can integrate any Telematics Solution into our software, so you’ll have all of your data at your fingertips when, and if you decide to integrate additional data into your system. Contact us today to learn more.