The administrative tasks at a fleet operation can be cumbersome. Between tracking fuel costs, vehicle usage and labor hours, and organizing work orders and purchase orders, there is a lot of work that must be done each day.

Fortunately, fleet management software systems can help ease some of the daily responsibilities.

Learn how an FMIS can make administrative tasks easier.

Eliminate Double-Data Entry

Does your operation use paper forms for work orders, purchase orders and other needs? Eventually, this information needs to get inputted into a computer system or electronic file so the data can be accessed later. Transferring this information from the sheet into the computer system through double-data entry can add time to your day. An FMIS can help eliminate most paper forms around your shop. This lets the data get directly inputted into the software system, forgoing the need to input the information again.

Monitor Fuel Usage

Are you tasked with entering your fleet staff’s fuel data into spreadsheets or a manual system? This can take extra time out of your day – and it can create the risk for manual data-entry errors. To make this easier, utilize the benefits provided by an FMIS solution. A software system lets you automatically track fuel usage per driver and vehicle. This saves on administrative time and prevents data-entry errors.

Track Labor

An important administrative task is tracking your fleet operation’s labor hours. It is important to monitor the number of hours to determine if you’re over hours or if you’re staying under budget. When using a fleet management software system, you can automatically track labor hours through work orders and other features in the FMIS.

Pull Reports

When upper management needs stats and figures on your fleet operation, they likely need it quickly. This can pull you off all other tasks as you sort through spreadsheets and paper forms and try to manually collect the information they need. With a fleet management software system, this task is much easier – and faster. You can utilize the reporting features in an FMIS to quickly pull detailed reports on various areas of your fleet operation, from preventative maintenance services to vehicle utilization. The information can be pulled together faster – and more accurately – than with a manual process, allowing you to complete the request and move on to other projects.


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