By Mary Motzko | August 24th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

The Department of Transportation requires drivers to submit a vehicle inspection report each day on the vehicle they are operating. Doing this not only keeps the fleet operation compliant with the DOT regulations, but it also helps ensure the asset is safe for the driver to operate on the roadways.

During these inspections, drivers need to fill out a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) to document any issues with a vehicle. These forms – which can vary by operation - can then be used by the shop to make the necessary repairs on the vehicle.

While an operation might add more checklist items to the form that relate to their particular vehicles or policies, the DOT requires that drivers have to at least inspect these areas of the vehicle each day:

Service brakes, including trailer brake connections

Parking brake

Steering mechanism

Lighting devices and reflectors



Windshield wipers

Rear vision mirrors

Coupling devices

Wheels and rims

Emergency equipment

Electronic Vs Paper DVIR Forms

When completing inspections, drivers can use either a paper or an electronic DVIR form, depending on what applications the fleet operation is using. If an operation is using an Electronic DVIR application, it can simplify the inspection process for the drivers and the shop. These electronic forms can be customized to the vehicle the driver is operating, saving him or her time when going through the checklist. It can also sync to the operation’s fleet management software system, allowing the shop to access the inspection and required repair information.

Electronic DVIR forms also help keep operations compliant with additional DOT mandates. The organization requires that all inspection forms be kept on file for three months to document any defects with a vehicle. If an operation is using a paper form, it can be more difficult to keep track of, whereas the electronic form will be readily available in the app.

To learn how an eDVIR app can help your drivers complete vehicle inspection reports efficiently, contact our software specialists.