By Mary Motzko | February 25th, 2021 | | 0 Comments

Early 2021 might still look a lot like 2020 around your fleet operation as the world continues to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak. Because of this, it might still not be business-as-usual at your shop.

Take a look at some issues you might be dealing with while managing your fleet in 2021.

Continued Focus on Safety: While safety is always important around your shop as technicians make repairs and drivers navigate their routes, the coronavirus has increased the need to be vigilant about health and safety in the workplace. Establishing good hygiene requirements, disinfecting common areas, sanitizing vehicles and tools, wearing face masks, and practicing social distancing will be needed as the pandemic continues.

Hiring Drivers and Technicians: The driver and technician shortage will continue into 2021. It could be felt even more at your operation if you had to reduce your staff during the COVID-19 outbreak, or if you had employees leave or retire. Replacing those positions can be a top priority for you, as well as retaining your current staff.

Virtual Communications: While your fleet operation may be working in-person, individuals in leadership positions at your company may be working remotely during the outbreak. Your vendors, customers and other individuals might also prefer virtual communications to in-person meetings. This means you will need to be flexible when scheduling meetings and continue to use various modes of communications.

Focusing on Budget: If the pandemic impacted your budget, you will need to focus on cutting expenses and saving money in 2021 by streamlining processes, boosting employee productivity and renewing your emphasis on quality standards. This can impact various parts of your operation, from hiring employees, to replacing vehicles, to purchasing office supplies, and other areas.

Following New Legislation: With a new president and administration in the White House, 2021 could see new legislation that can impact the fleet industry. It’s important to stay updated on any changing mandates and regulations that effect your operation.

Analyzing Data: There is more data available to fleet managers than ever before. You can expect to spend time this year analyzing the information and determining how to use it to benefit your fleet operation and implement changes. This can include data on preventative maintenance, fuel usage, mileage, total cost of ownership, and more.

Being a good listener: As the pandemic continues into 2021, your employees could be dealing with added stress at home and at work. It’s important to connect with your staff to see how they are coping and listen to their concerns. This will help you understand what they are going through in their personal lives and how it might impact their behavior, personal interactions with others or their work productivity.


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