Purchasing new vehicles for your fleet operation can be exciting, but there is a lot of research and decision-making that must be conducted before you can buy new assets.

Take a look at some items to research before buying a new vehicle or asset:

  • Identify the Vehicle You Want to Purchase
  • First, you need to decide what type of vehicle you want to purchase. Determine what vehicle you are replacing and what type of asset needs to take its place. Decide if you want to replace it with the same make and model of vehicle, or if you want to change the type of asset you are purchasing.
  • Set a Budget
  • After you decide what type of vehicle you want to purchase, the next step is to determine what your budget is to buy the asset. Knowing this number will help you decide what method to use when purchasing the vehicle, and if you can afford a new or used model.
  • Determine Purchase Methods
  • Determine how you want to replace the vehicle. Will you lease a new vehicle or purchase one? If you purchase an asset, will you buy a used one or a new vehicle? Knowing this will help you narrow your scope when searching for the vehicle. You can also consider using vendors to purchase vehicles to help you navigate the process and possibly help find you a better deal.
  • Determine if Desired Vehicle is Available
  • Once you determine the type of vehicle you want to add to your fleet, the next step is to decide where to purchase it. Is a used version available from a dealer near you? Will you need to travel to find it? Are there new models available in the vicinity?
  • Visit Another Fleet that has the Asset
  • Before buying a new vehicle, try to find another fleet operation or a peer who has the vehicle. This can allow you to get honest feedback on how the asset performs and if there are any maintenance issues you should be aware of.
  • Ask Questions
  • Before buying a new vehicle, ask questions about any specifics you want to know, including gas mileage, parts, repairs, etc. This is your opportunity to learn more about the vehicle, its upkeep and its needs before adding it to your fleet.
  • Get Staff Input
  • Ask your staff – especially your technicians and drivers – before purchasing the new vehicle. They will likely have opinions related to the maintenance of the asset and its performance expectations. This input can provide you with questions to ask the dealer before buying the vehicle.

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