By Mary Motzko | December 7th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

When your fleet drivers perform pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections, does it seem to be taking them longer than necessary to complete?

If so, spend some time watching them to determine why.

Are they struggling to find items on the inspection sheet to check off? Are they looking at the same parts of the vehicle multiple times? Are they struggling to write notes in the small space provided on the form? Are they writing notes on the margins because certain vehicle features are not listed on the form?

Creating a customized inspection form for your fleet drivers can solve these problems. These forms can provide the following benefits for your drivers and fleet:

  • More efficient inspection process: When you customize a form, you can list the items in an order that makes sense for your drivers. Instead of having drivers skim the form to find the component they are evaluating, or checking the same part of the vehicle multiple times, customized forms can be created in an order that adheres to your operation’s inspection format. So, if your operation, for example, inspects the vehicle while circling around the asset, then the vehicle features can be listed in that order to make the inspection quick and easy.

    Customize the form to your vehicles: Does your fleet include vehicles like school buses or police vehicles that have specialized features? Some of these components like stop-arms and sirens might not be included on a generic inspection form. Creating a customized form lets you include any special features on the inspection form to ensure they are examined regularly.

    Allow more space for notes: When you create a customized form, you can give drivers more space to leave notes. This will enable drivers to provide more details when reporting vehicle defects so technicians will have more information when making repairs.

    Create easy-to-read forms: Creating customized templates in an eDVIR lets drivers submit typed, easy-to-read forms. This can eliminate the need for technicians to waste time trying to decipher the drivers’ handwriting and notes.

Learn how  an eDVIR app can make vehicle inspections easier for your fleet operation. Contact our Software Specialists.