RTA Fleet Management Software works hard to provide intricate, yet easy-to-use, fleet management software for its clients.  In today's market, there are many companies claiming to provide fleet management software.  What makes a fleet management software company stand out?  How do you choose the right fit for your operation?  What makes a better fleet management software company?

RTA Fleet Management Software was created by fleet managers for fleet managers.  Having a fleet management team involved from the start to build the foundation of the product while continuing almost 40 years later with the same philosophy to take the product into the future speaks volumes for the product and what it offers.

There are essential components to any fleet management program and RTA proudly offers these, in addition to enhanced modules and features.

Cost Reduction 

When upgrading to a fleet management software program, a manager should immediately recognize a cost savings.  This comes from streamlining parts ordering, labor scheduling, preventive maintenance scheduling, warranty tracking and more.  Fleet management software helps organize a shop while collecting analytics of the shop's operation, vehicle downtime and output, including parts stocking/returns/warranties.

Inventory Management

Each shop has parts that take up space on a shelf and are not routinely utilized.  This takes up space, time, and money.  Knowing which parts to stock at which intervals, in addition to warranty tracking, will improve inventory management and shop operations immediately.  Which assets have reached their useful life or is there life beyond the initial expectations?  Having the ability to track warranties can save companies hundreds to thousands of dollars annually.  Having a fleet management software capable of tracking warranties full-circle pays for itself within weeks.

Real-Time Data

Having access to real-time data is key for any fleet manager/operations manager.  Having access to telematics data and extensive reporting capabilities is key in knowing the full picture of any asset.  RTA's fleet management system offers dashboards showing a wide range of data specifically selected by each user.  Having the most up-to-date and correct information is crucial for today's fleet operations manager.

Increased Efficiency

A shop which runs on RTA's software solution will experience increased efficiency.  The system's ease of use coupled with its vast and robust tracking capabilities allow the mechanic, supervisor/manager, and IT department to fulfill their job duties quickly and efficiently.  Fleet management software is designed with the operator in mind, regardless of level of usage.  RTA's goal is to assist clients to work smarter, not harder, and improve efficiency from day one.

Hear It First Hand

Our clients say it all.  View RTA testimonials and client feedback to see how easy the system is to implement and use, the benefits of RTA's customer support, security of the system and most importantly, first-hand feedback on RTA the company.  RTA is family-owned and in its second generation of ownership.  Visit us and see what makes RTA different - you'll be glad you did!  Join the RTA family today.


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