By Randy Davis | June 17th, 2021 | | 0 Comments

When I talk to clients about RTA’s fleet management software solution – one question frequently comes up: “Why should I choose RTA over one of its competitors?”

This might surprise prospects, but I am happy when they ask me that. It gives me an opportunity to explain how RTA’s system is superior to its closet competitors in fleet experience, price, and customer support.

Fleet Experience

RTA has more than 40 years of fleet management experience, and our software was developed by a fleet manager for fleet managers. Today we continue to employ experienced fleet managers who help fleets succeed daily. Most of our competitors have mostly technical experience and very little fleet management expertise. RTA fleet experts know how to balance extensive fleet experience with technical expertise to provide a superior product.

RTA continues to develop new software products based on tried-and-true fleet experience that passes the test of time. Our solution includes a robust suite of modules, features, and reporting capabilities that are needed to manage any fleet maintenance program and provide meaningful information to its customers.

RTA’s key customer base is Trucking, Waste, Transit, Government, Delivery, and Schools. However, we offer the flexibility to manage other types of fleet assets. Many other Fleet Management Information Systems (FMIS) limit their customer focus to large corporations and/or specialized fleets. They do not have the fleet experience to provide their customers with the flexibility they need in the dynamic environment of fleet maintenance.


Cost is another reason to choose RTA over its competitors. We offer a fair price for superior products and services. For instance, one of our largest competitors focuses more on large corporations that service the same number of clients as RTA, but charges significantly more for its products and services. Its annual revenue is 8.7 times larger than RTA's. As a result, its cost per asset license is between $5.00 - $50.00 per month versus our much lower price of $2.31 – $5.50 per month. In addition, we operate much more efficiently with fewer employees, therefore passing savings on to our customers. This results in a lower cost for a high-quality product.

Customer Support

RTA has a 5-star support team available to help our clients. When you call us, “live bodies” sitting in our office are here to answer your questions, 12 hours a day. While most of our competitors offer an automated support system only during business hours, we know that customers prefer to talk to a human over an automated system.

Support and training are included in most of RTA’s packages, whereas many of our competitors charge extra for most training and support services. In addition, one way we make improvements and enhancements to our software is based on customer feedback through our support team. This allows us to create a better product based on customers’ actual needs.

So, if you’re wondering why you should choose RTA over one of our competitors, it’s because we offer an exceptional FMIS developed by dedicated, experienced fleet managers with the technical expertise to help fleets succeed. It is a lower-cost, high-quality product with a highly trained support team that is more accessible than its competitors' support groups. RTA is designed for fleet managers to be intentional about creating an organized maintenance program that will give them a safer, efficient, and more reliable fleet.

If you want to learn more about RTA’s software solution, I’d love to talk to you about it. Reach out to me directly or schedule a demo.

About the Author: I am blessed to have a beautiful wife of 27 years and two wonderful children.  They give me a purpose in life to be better each day!  I’ve been in the Supply Chain Management and Trucking Industry for 30+ years. Most of my professional experience has been in the trenches while operating small and large-sized fleets. I fully understand the importance of having the proper tools like RTA to help manage a successful fleet maintenance program.